How it Works

Automatically and safely engaging with users on Instagram by auto liking photos/videos of people all over Instagram from your target audience as hashtags,places or particular accounts. Schedule to your Instagram account images,videos or Instagram stories and ConstantEngagement will be posting them for you directly.

Connect Your Account

Simply register with us and connect your Instagram account.

Set Automatic Likes

Start automatic likes by entering hashtags, name of a place/location or names of the accounts from whom ConstantEngagement will be liking images of the followers or following accounts.

Schedule and Post Content

ConstantEngagement provides very interactive and easy to use platform with calendar to schedule posts to Instagram and see visually how they look like. ConstantEngagement do posts to Instagram, it is not reminding service, but on contrary it is a software which will be actually publishing content for you.

What is ConstantEngagement?

ConstantEngagement is a super easy to use software built by social media marketers and engineers for business owners,social media specialists and anyone who wants to grow organically on Instagram.

Our robots will do all the work for you by interacting with people from target audience and posting content. It is time to outsource your hard work to robots and let you focus on more important things than "liking" photos on Instagram or constantly posting content. You focus on what is important for you and we focus on feeding our robots to do better job every day.

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ConstantEngagement is completely safe and can offer you following service:

  • Automatically like photos from hashtags,location or username. Control the speed.
  • Automatically comment under photos from hashtags,location or username. Control the speed.
  • Pause auto like/comment activity between set time.
  • Auto like your feed.
  • Automatically comment under photos from hashtags,location or username. Control the speed.
  • Post directly or schedule to Instagram based on your country time zone.
  • Schedule videos.
  • Schedule Instagram Stories.
  • Schedule Instagram Photos.
  • Interactive and easy to use calendar.
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All Features

ConstantEnagement is safe marketing automation tool for Instagram.

24/7 Automatic Likes

Safely and always our robots will be automatically liking photos and videos for you on Instagram based on hashtags you will set or location or usernames.

24/7 Automatic Comments

On a safe speed our robots will comment under photos of people from target audience.

Post to Instagram from Desktop

Post or schedule to Instagram an Instagram Story, photo or video.

10X Faster Growth

Scheduling and automation over time have proved as the most efficient way of marketing on social media ConstantEngagement gives you an access to an all required tools.

Increase Productivity

ConstantEngagement will work on your social media while you can focus on your business growth.

Better Engagement

ConstantEngagement will be helping you out with posting content on required time and engaging with audience.

No Recurring Payments

Yes, we all hate subscriptions. We will not charge you every month, we will only notify you to login and pay every 30 days. If you don't want to pay, we won't charge you anymore.

Safe Payment

Payments go through Paypal. We do not store your credit/debit card details.

Secured Encryption

We do not store your password details, all data passing to Instagram is securely encrypted.

Trusted by smart businesses

Praised by social media influencers and business owners, ConstantEnagement is the most effective tool in the market

Affordable Price

ConstantEngagement was built with a goal to help you to grow on Instagram


  • 1 account
  • Auto likes
  • Post/Schedule photos
  • Post/Schedule videos
  • Post/Schedule photos to stories
  • Post/Schedule videos to stories
  • Cloud import
  • Spintax Support
  • 150 MB Disk Space


  • 3 accounts
  • Auto likes
  • Auto comments
  • Post/Schedule photos
  • Post/Schedule videos
  • Post/Schedule photos to stories
  • Post/Schedule videos to stories
  • Cloud import
  • Spintax Support
  • 500 MB Disk Space


  • 10 accounts
  • Auto likes
  • Auto comments
  • Post/Schedule photos
  • Post/Schedule videos
  • Post/Schedule photos to stories
  • Post/Schedule videos to stories
  • Cloud import
  • Spintax Support
  • 1 GB Disk Space

Frequently Asked Questions

ConstantEngagement is completely safe

How do I start?
Simply sign up for a free 1 day trial and test our software, after your trial ends you can easily subscribe to any of our packages.
Do you provide fake followers?
No, it is time for a real followers and organic growth! We engage only with real people by interacting with them.
What is a payment gateway?
For now it is only Paypal, you can still pay if you do not have Paypal account through Paypal payment gateway.
Will I be blocked on Instagram from using ConstantEngagement?
We are completely safe, but if you will be manually liking photos along with ConstantEngagement or will user any other automation software will cause of blocking liking feature only on Instagram for a couple of days. We do not recommend using any other software or manually liking photos on the app while using ConstantEngagement.
Do I need to download a software or keep my PC on?
No, once everything set and scheduled our robots will do all the work in the cloud. No need for downloads or keeping your PC on.
Is it possible to get a refund?
Unfortunately no, sign up for trial account if you are interested to see it in action.
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